1) Tenant Referencing

Our Referencing begins at the point of Tenant enquiry, we don't just show your property to anybody, we pre-screen all viewing requests to ensure that only Tenants who are likely to pass referencing are shown around your investment property. 

Our Referencing (in partnership with LetAlliance) is intelligent and we use OpenBanking to authenticate Tenant's income and expenditure. 70% of Tenant Referencing is done the SAME DAY, with the remaining 30% done within 48 hours. Your Ultimate Tenant Reference includes Right To Rent, Employment, Landlord, Affordability as well as a full Credit Check. 

Only acceptable Tenants who pass referencing will be considered for a Tenancy through Assured Letting & Estate Agents. Our fast and in-depth referencing reduces voids for you! Ultimate Referencing is included in all our Tenant Find and managed packages, but if you are an experienced, self-managed Landlord we can run your entire referencing for you for just £40.

2) Rental Protection

Every Landlord's worst nightmare is when a Tenant stops paying rent. Whilst the majority of Tenants pay rent on time, there are those occasions when something happens such as redundancy or an unexpected cost which puts your Tenant in financial hardship, this leaves the Landlord with a loss of Rental Income. Our Rental Guarantee is your safety net in those situations. We protect your Rental of up to £2,500 per calendar month and guarantee monthly rental payments until the successful repossession, even if this surpasses the expiration of the Tenancy. Your legal fees are also covered as a part of this. Rental Guarantee is NIL EXCESS and guarantees up to £50,000 in lost rental and legal fees. Our Rent Guarantee is our most popular product and costs Landlords just £25 per calendar month. Its available to any Landlord whether you're a client or not. And before you ask, YES Rent Guarantee IS also available to Tenants who are claiming Benefits.  

3) Nil Deposit 

The new alternative to the traditional deposit! Moving house can be an expensive time for a Tenant, even those who are in full time employment on a good income. We found that most working Tenants have to save for around 3 months on average (internal research statistics). NIL DEPOSIT is great for the Tenant because the traditional Deposit of up to 5 weeks rental is replaced with a fee of (on average) 1 weeks rental+VAT, followed by an ongoing insurance premium of around £14pcm. But WAIT, what about deposit deductions for the Landlord? Well Nil Deposit provides Landlords up to SIX Weeks indemnity against rental and damages (1 week MORE than the statutory maximum permitted) and we handle the dispute and claim on your behalf. You also have the added peace of mind that your Tenant has a valid insurance policy during their Tenancy. Nil Deposit makes your property stand out from the crowed, reduces void periods and provides you a better level of protection compared to the traditional 5 weeks deposit option. This service is available to Landlords Free of Charge with every managed package and is only available to Tenants with SOME form of employment.  

4) Utility Management

Managing Utilities for your Property can be a painstaking task, full of paperwork and endless calls to the providers, who are they? whats the meter reading? whats the closing bill? The providers won't accept my notice that a Tenant has left! We have spoke to countless Landlords who say this single process alone is one of the most stressful parts of Letting a Property. At Assured we take care of this process from day one. We contact all the providers to inform them of the Tenancy changeover. In partnership with HomeShift our Utility team will contact the New Tenant and set up their account, offering a single billing platform to make future payments easier and hassle free which reduces Tenants leaving a huge bill when they leave. We also ensure readings are up to date on our inspections. Not only that, if you give us enough notice, we can even provide a 30 day Void period for you, meaning you have no Utility Bills to pay for 30 days during a Tenancy take over. We provide this service FREE to all Landlords, whether you're self managed or fully managed. 

5) Insurance

Our Insurances are tailor made for both Landlords & Tenants and are provided by Let Alliance. With a range of insurances available at an affordable price, please use the links at the bottom of this page to find out all you need to know and have a chat with our friendly Partners Let Alliance

Click here for an insurance quote

Click here for an insurance quote

Click here for an insurance quote

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